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Family-Owned and -Operated Bonding Company in Nashville, Tennessee

Rader’s Story 

For the past 50 years Rader Bonding Company has been owned and operated by the family of Jake Rader. Rader Bonding Company is a family-owned business concerned about the needs of families who have a family member or a close friend in trouble. Rader Bonding Company is presently owned by Jean Rader Crabtree who is the daughter of Jake Rader and is the 2nd generation of the Rader family. Mrs. "Jean" as she is known to her clients is semi-retired from the day-to-day operation of the family business. However, in order to stay involved, she still continues to talk with her clients every day as she calls to remind them of their dates and times for court. In today's hectic world, this is a valuable service provided by Mrs. "Jean" and Rader Bonding Company, for no one wants to be late for court.

Rader Bonding Company presently has a staff of four very knowledgeable agents, who can assist you in every aspect of the bail bond business. Our agents will go over the bail process very slowly and explain in detail all areas where you will have any kind of liability and answer your entire question thoroughly.

Family Owned and Operated Bonding Company

If you have the need to visit Rader Bonding Company during the daytime hours, either for help or just a cup of coffee, you will meet Eddie Matheney and Donnie Jordan the third generation of the Rader Family and the two brothers who are presently managing the company. 

Need immediate service? Contact us now at 615-242-6371 in Nashville,  or 615-792-5813 in Cheatham County.